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Talmud Torah
Darchei Avoseinu

Educating the next generation
in the path of our fathers.

פרנס היום


פרנס השבוע


פרנס החודש


Firm Foundations

About a decade ago, the face of the Lakewood community evolved to include a growing היימישע presence. 

תלמוד תורה דרכי אבותינו was founded to meet the needs of our community with a מוסד tailor-made for its high standards and unique needs. Since then, our חדר has been hailed as a symbol of stellar חינוך, deeply connected to our מסורה.

While our principles find deep roots in our past, our eye is always focused on the future. With those combined goals as our guiding light, we are זוכה to foster an atmosphere of דרך ישראל סבא, while fueling the perpetual growth of our future תלמידי חכמים.

While our principles find deep roots in our past, our eye is always focused on the future.

Celebrate. Continue the chain.

A Yahrtzeit of a loved one, a special occasion in the family, a birth of a new child. Every date becomes more meaningful when partnered with the voices of תינוקות של בית רבן raised in תורה and תפילה.

Your investment today:

Sponsor a day, week, or month of learning in the Cheder.

Your reward forever:

The Zechus of tens of קינדערלאך אידישע learning and growing

Dedicate a special Time.


Of consecutive growth,
high-level learning, and
unparalleled נחת

Rebbeim and staff members

Whose dedication and caring make חדר feel like home


Thriving with geshmak and blending with friendship


Building on our illustrious past to create our vision for the future

Our New Building

Our חדר has בעז״ה grown by leaps and bounds and an atmosphere of true שמחה and learning permeates our halls. We have recently completed our beautiful new campus – one that is spacious enough to comfortably accommodate our תלמידים as well as projected growth; one that is bright and airy, fostering a positive atmosphere; and one that encompasses all the facilities and amenities that enables each תלמיד to learn well and rejuvenate.

With incredible סייעתא דשמיא our building was built in record time. Since moving into our new חדר , our תלמידים and רביים have been living a dream. All you need to do is walk in and you can just “feel it.” The קול תורה and שמחת החיים are powerful. Every talmid’s opportunity to be מצליח has been raised.

An Eternal Dedication

Please consider dedicating a part of our new building! All contributions will be recognized by a prominent plaque near the dedicated section of the building.  In addition to the dedications , we will have an elegant Donors’ Wall which will be a tribute to our supporters and permanently displayed in our lobby. 

Building a New Future

Building Sponsorship

For details please contact the Cheider office: 732.481.1602

Support our חדר & help us build the next generation!!